Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

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On wearing rain boots…

My feet hurt…no seriously, these boots are crazy heavy—probably exacerbated by all of the puddles that I stomped through on my way to get coffee at the library. But HEY, what are rain boots for, if not to stomp around in puddles???

I got all rainy-day geared up for today and no rain has fallen since I left the house. I’m wearing these boots for naught.

I’m in good company though. Pretty much all girls on this campus have cutesy rain boots on today with their Nike Tempo shorts and their pullovers… oh yeah, the uniform of scholars.

On having friends…

Pics of Friends from 2009

So I have downloaded this new picture software from the interweb…and will probably lose my job because I will forget to do my actual work.

On being busy…

Ok, so I am procrastinating just a bit to write this down, but I am super busy today. I think it’s just the month because the¬†search applications are going in and scholarship applications are going out…and what I wouldn’t give for a work-study student now to label these 337 envelopes…or just a really good friend? Any takers? I’ll buy you dinner!

If the “I’m busy” line didn’t work well enough for you, I am having to answer the phone many times today for the same questions from students who have waited until the last-minute to register for classes. I am also finishing the summer and fall schedules (which aren’t even set in stone yet) and I have to go and pick up the 350 copies of applications I just had made for the high school scholarships. Again I say, wanna help?

Not that I don’t like being busy, I would rather in fact…however, it’s nice to be able to finish these things without having new things thrown at me to be done TODAY. Don’t give me all time sensitive assignments for one day, please. That’s not very nice.

I also have to tutor tonight, but that should be cake…reading and vocabulary practice. See?

How’s your day a-going?

On having a day off…

I like this whole title system I am starting…hope you do as well.

I don’t think I have ever done so little in a weekend…especially a 3-day weekend. I only tutored one student this weekend and didn’t really do much except for discussing some books to read this semester (last semester we worked on math). I have to call someone tomorrow to see what kind of help their kid needs in geometry…why doesn’t anyone need help in French? or Latin ūüėČ ? I would really love to tutor foreign languages, even ones I haven’t studied yet.

Oh, we did clean the house yesterday…which was nice, but it gave me nothing to do today, which is what I usually do on my days off…

Today, I have done very little, except look at my laptop…and make yummy baked sandwiches (I am getting good at those. I might just open up my own deli.). I read some fanfiction (boring) and chatted with a new friend (not boring). Right now, I am watching Amazing Wedding Cakes. When I was little cakes were just these rectangular sheet cakes with my name and maybe some sprinkles for that “artsy” effect. Now, cakes have to LOOK like something… one of the cake places is making an hourglass corset cake; another is making a Russian building…and both are getting really frustrated with the processes of making these difficult cakes. One guy is being a serious jerk to everyone in the shop and I wish someone would smear some cake in his face. Hehe. ¬†Too much drama…and too many egos in one room. Oh, artists.

Tomorrow better be busy. ¬†I’m going for a walk now. Laters.

On being on hiatus…

A friend of mine commented the other day that I had stopped blogging and wanted me to start again (like I am THAT interesting in the first place)…so here you go.

I experienced a complete 180 today (mainly because my attitude was not so good), BUT it was such a good turnaround. I went to Sunday School this morning at my “home” church, Woodhaven Church of the Nazarene and just felt blargh…one reason being that I didn’t want to go there this morning. ¬†I went anyway and was disappointed to find out that the friend that I attend with; the one that gets mad at me for going somewhere else, did not show. So I did what any overly emotional 26-year-old female in Alabama does…I got mad, texted my other friend who attends the church I wanted to go to, and left to attend that one. When I arrived at the new church in question, I was immediately encouraged. All of the people there are just great (I mean they were greeters and that’s their job, but a lot of greeters at other churches aren’t so greet-y). The music was great and powerful and I wasn’t tempted to just space out and look around the auditorium at nothing, but was really into the service and especially the message.

It must be a God thing (clich√©, but true), but the past few weeks I have been inundated with messages at church, online, bookstores, wherever about FASTING. It is something that I haven’t really thought about any time except for LENT and was really surprised to have it weigh down on my heart so much recently. I am really looking forward to praying about this and joining the community group at the new church so that I can really talk about being a 100% Christ-follower. The past year I have seriously neglected my duty as a Christian and am really encouraged to renew my relationship with the LORD.

I was also really encouraged with what Pastor Troy said today and it really hit home —“Everyone wants the revival, but no one wants to pay the price.”

So true.

If you want to know more about fasting or about the awesome church I just described go to this website: http://www.safehavenchurch.com

(Cue “The More You Know” music)

Does that make you feel cool?

While watching Big Bang Theory last night with my¬†roomies¬†and friends, my mother called (as she was also watching) and asked me if I was making fun of her and daddy yet. I didn’t understand what she meant, so she began to explain that Sheldon’s imitation of his parents was apparently spot on with how my parents used to fight (my dad has passed away, so they don’t fight anymore). I was quite confused, because I only remember a handful of their fights from my whole life. She was tickled and was hyperventilating on the phone and trying to explain the story to my brother who I could hear in the background asking my mom what was going on.

She calmed down and again stated that she was just making sure that I wasn’t making fun of her. She said that Sheldon was hilarious and then imitated what my dad would have said to her had they been in a fight. “Quit yer bitchin’!”

I really wish I could hear him say that now. Sentimental pause…