On having a plan…

I have never really been one for planning too much. However, 2010 is turning into a pretty proactive year for me. I am taking the initiative on a few things (some of which won’t be revealed).

After speaking with one of my friends about going back to school, I thought long and hard about what program I would apply if I went back. I spent all day yesterday just looking at classes and deciding whether I would want to take more of those and develop a career of them…and nada.

And then…last night, when I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore and I was drifting off to sleep I began to think of things that I liked about my current job…I like interacting with students and helping them with their schedules and like to see them complete their classes and earn scholarships and all that jazz… Conclusion: (and I know this is jumbled…but) School Counseling.

I thought of everything that I would have to do as a school counselor and I wasn’t really opposed to NOT doing it… I actually would be looking forward to helping kids (K-12) sort through school issues, decide on colleges, apply for scholarships, etc…so I have been scouring the UA website and have gathered a ton of information on the program offered here.

Not bad prospects.



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