On watching LOST…

Ok, you probably didn’t figure me for a “Lostie”. Well, guess what? Momma’s wrong again!

I just spent the past 15 minutes watching little clips from abc.com for the upcoming FINAL SEASON of LOST!!! Get excited.  I am really looking forward to seeing what magic these producers are going to pull out of their proverbial hats for the finale. Will the theories prove to be true? Are they in purgatory? Hell? Some alternate universe? Idk, man. I mean with characters like John Locke and C.(harlotte) S.(taples) Lewis (eh…) there are so many ways you can write this crazy story of a cast of characters so screwed up they had to crash a plane a couple of times to try to redeem themselves…

I'm not naming all of these people...crazy.

Any theories to how they are going to cleverly wrap this last season? Is it going to be some dream of Hurley’s in the institution? Or perhaps an autistic boy’s daydream into a snowglobe of a Hawaiian island?


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