On dried cranberries…

Where have you been all my life? Why haven’t I snacked on you before you manna from heaven?

But seriously, back to the ol’ workweek. I have had tons of students come in to my office today asking for overrides…a full week past deadline. Smart. And with that I am compiling research for what I think will turn this university around…a new lecture series right before advising secretly called (and I am sorry it’s so crass, but totally necessary) “Wiping Your Own @$$”.

I kid you not. These “kids” need to grow up. I can’t fill out their paperwork for them or register their classes. They need to be able to function without someone holding their hand. And I know what you are thinking, “Brittni, isn’t this just another way to do their work for them?” And my answer is this, “Maybe so, however, after I hold their hand here, we are done. No more Miss Nice Girl. They can learn to read directions and look up information on that little invention called the internet. And they can stop bugging me with stupid questions.”

I really do want the best for these kids and if this is what it takes to get through to them and make them realize their mommies and daddies can’t do this stuff for them anymore…so be it.

And thanks,  Jennifer for my new favorite addition to my decor!

Let the collection begin!


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