On Neil Young and “Free Bird”…

Yes, Conan ended his show last night (and I am sure I am among many people writing about his last show) with a myriad of guests, including Steve Carell, Tom Hanks, Neil Young, and Will Ferrell.

Although it was his last show for The Tonight Show, Conan will definitely be back in full force in some respect, somewhere, showing off his comedy prowess. He is one of the silliest people I have ever met and probably one of the most awkward, when it comes to asking questions about places he’s never been. Example: Alabama – He asked us about tornados. He had a charming anecdote about a tornado that hit Boston and tore down a tennis net. Compelling storm, that one.  His last speech on the show brought tears to his eyes and my own as I watched him display his loyalty to NBC after 20 years of work, even after such a dispute in the past month. During the whole show, he and his co-stars were silly, but never disrespectful to the network that made him who he is today. Kudos to you, Coco. And good luck to you and your crew.

Here is a link to his final show, enjoy.   http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.com/video/episodes/#vid=1196131


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