On being busy…

Ok, so I am procrastinating just a bit to write this down, but I am super busy today. I think it’s just the month because the search applications are going in and scholarship applications are going out…and what I wouldn’t give for a work-study student now to label these 337 envelopes…or just a really good friend? Any takers? I’ll buy you dinner!

If the “I’m busy” line didn’t work well enough for you, I am having to answer the phone many times today for the same questions from students who have waited until the last-minute to register for classes. I am also finishing the summer and fall schedules (which aren’t even set in stone yet) and I have to go and pick up the 350 copies of applications I just had made for the high school scholarships. Again I say, wanna help?

Not that I don’t like being busy, I would rather in fact…however, it’s nice to be able to finish these things without having new things thrown at me to be done TODAY. Don’t give me all time sensitive assignments for one day, please. That’s not very nice.

I also have to tutor tonight, but that should be cake…reading and vocabulary practice. See?

How’s your day a-going?


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