On having a day off…

I like this whole title system I am starting…hope you do as well.

I don’t think I have ever done so little in a weekend…especially a 3-day weekend. I only tutored one student this weekend and didn’t really do much except for discussing some books to read this semester (last semester we worked on math). I have to call someone tomorrow to see what kind of help their kid needs in geometry…why doesn’t anyone need help in French? or Latin ūüėČ ? I would really love to tutor foreign languages, even ones I haven’t studied yet.

Oh, we did clean the house yesterday…which was nice, but it gave me nothing to do today, which is what I usually do on my days off…

Today, I have done very little, except look at my laptop…and make yummy baked sandwiches (I am getting good at those. I might just open up my own deli.). I read some fanfiction (boring) and chatted with a new friend (not boring). Right now, I am watching Amazing Wedding Cakes. When I was little cakes were just these rectangular sheet cakes with my name and maybe some sprinkles for that “artsy” effect. Now, cakes have to LOOK like something… one of the cake places is making an hourglass corset cake; another is making a Russian building…and both are getting really frustrated with the processes of making these difficult cakes. One guy is being a serious jerk to everyone in the shop and I wish someone would smear some cake in his face. Hehe. ¬†Too much drama…and too many egos in one room. Oh, artists.

Tomorrow better be busy. ¬†I’m going for a walk now. Laters.


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