On being on hiatus…

A friend of mine commented the other day that I had stopped blogging and wanted me to start again (like I am THAT interesting in the first place)…so here you go.

I experienced a complete 180 today (mainly because my attitude was not so good), BUT it was such a good turnaround. I went to Sunday School this morning at my “home” church, Woodhaven Church of the Nazarene and just felt blargh…one reason being that I didn’t want to go there this morning.  I went anyway and was disappointed to find out that the friend that I attend with; the one that gets mad at me for going somewhere else, did not show. So I did what any overly emotional 26-year-old female in Alabama does…I got mad, texted my other friend who attends the church I wanted to go to, and left to attend that one. When I arrived at the new church in question, I was immediately encouraged. All of the people there are just great (I mean they were greeters and that’s their job, but a lot of greeters at other churches aren’t so greet-y). The music was great and powerful and I wasn’t tempted to just space out and look around the auditorium at nothing, but was really into the service and especially the message.

It must be a God thing (cliché, but true), but the past few weeks I have been inundated with messages at church, online, bookstores, wherever about FASTING. It is something that I haven’t really thought about any time except for LENT and was really surprised to have it weigh down on my heart so much recently. I am really looking forward to praying about this and joining the community group at the new church so that I can really talk about being a 100% Christ-follower. The past year I have seriously neglected my duty as a Christian and am really encouraged to renew my relationship with the LORD.

I was also really encouraged with what Pastor Troy said today and it really hit home —“Everyone wants the revival, but no one wants to pay the price.”

So true.

If you want to know more about fasting or about the awesome church I just described go to this website: http://www.safehavenchurch.com

(Cue “The More You Know” music)


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