This is me in trouble. Literally. No ok, not literally. I’m fine. I do enjoy me some Ray LaMontagne though. I could possibly listen to him play all day. Let’s say more than 3 sets equaling over 30 songs…eh???

Some good questions were posed this weekend when I was visiting some good friends in California. One of them being whether or not I would consider moving to California….my answer was surprising. It was no. Shocked?  I was as well… after spending only 4 days in L.A. and surrounding parts I really don’t want to live there. So the second question was asked— Where would you live? Idk… Boston? But I stated that I would have to visit there first. If I didn’t like that and still wanted to live in a bigger city…it would probably be New York. I really like that city… I like wandering and it is very easy to wander in New York totally unnoticed. I also like frequenting kitschy places like tiny bookshops and cafes where you form a friendship with the people that work there.

I guess I could do that in Tuscaloosa, but not really. However, I do like where I live right now. I love my friends. My job is great. Strike that my two jobs are great/ok.  If I am offered a job somewhere great like Oxford (ENGLAND, not Mississippi), I will jump on that like white on rice.

Blabbering over. For now.


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