On having a plan…

I have never really been one for planning too much. However, 2010 is turning into a pretty proactive year for me. I am taking the initiative on a few things (some of which won’t be revealed).

After speaking with one of my friends about going back to school, I thought long and hard about what program I would apply if I went back. I spent all day yesterday just looking at classes and deciding whether I would want to take more of those and develop a career of them…and nada.

And then…last night, when I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore and I was drifting off to sleep I began to think of things that I liked about my current job…I like interacting with students and helping them with their schedules and like to see them complete their classes and earn scholarships and all that jazz… Conclusion: (and I know this is jumbled…but) School Counseling.

I thought of everything that I would have to do as a school counselor and I wasn’t really opposed to NOT doing it… I actually would be looking forward to helping kids (K-12) sort through school issues, decide on colleges, apply for scholarships, etc…so I have been scouring the UA website and have gathered a ton of information on the program offered here.

Not bad prospects.



On watching LOST…

Ok, you probably didn’t figure me for a “Lostie”. Well, guess what? Momma’s wrong again!

I just spent the past 15 minutes watching little clips from abc.com for the upcoming FINAL SEASON of LOST!!! Get excited.  I am really looking forward to seeing what magic these producers are going to pull out of their proverbial hats for the finale. Will the theories prove to be true? Are they in purgatory? Hell? Some alternate universe? Idk, man. I mean with characters like John Locke and C.(harlotte) S.(taples) Lewis (eh…) there are so many ways you can write this crazy story of a cast of characters so screwed up they had to crash a plane a couple of times to try to redeem themselves…

I'm not naming all of these people...crazy.

Any theories to how they are going to cleverly wrap this last season? Is it going to be some dream of Hurley’s in the institution? Or perhaps an autistic boy’s daydream into a snowglobe of a Hawaiian island?

On having a Yenta…

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a catch.”

Oh, how I enjoy some Fiddler on the Roof. I haven’t seen it in such a long while, but am kind of glad that I am sick so that I have some excuse to sit at my house and watch the WHOLE thing…from marriage to marriage to marriage to pogrom to America. All three of those daughters had crazy luck finding fellas without the help of their Yenta…too bad I don’t have the same luck.

They had a great father who didn’t bend to the “TRADITIONS…tradition!” and allowed them to marry the men with whom they fell in love. And he was very clever to convince his wife to allow this as well through the cunning use of dreams…

Well, must get back. Tzeitel and Motel are about to be wed.

Enjoy “The Bottle Dance”

On being fuzzy…

Whenever I get a cold, I always think about the scene from You’ve Got Mail when Joe visits Kathleen at her apartment and she has a really bad cold.  At the end of that scene, she says “everything’s getting fuzzy…” and lies down on her bed while Joe talks to her about her favorite flowers, daisies. Such a sweet scene. (If that doesn’t make any sense to you, I am even loopier than I thought or you just haven’t watched that movie as many times as I have. Sorry for you.)

Paul Jones passed away last night. Although I didn’t know him very well, he was a very nice old man, who loved the people in the art department (more affectionately known as the A-team) and made a lasting impression on my department at the university. If you weren’t aware, he’s the man who donated a multi-million dollar collection of African-American art to the university. I would be more poignant, but I can’t think very clearly because of the suddenness of this and my coldy-cold.

On dried cranberries…

Where have you been all my life? Why haven’t I snacked on you before you manna from heaven?

But seriously, back to the ol’ workweek. I have had tons of students come in to my office today asking for overrides…a full week past deadline. Smart. And with that I am compiling research for what I think will turn this university around…a new lecture series right before advising secretly called (and I am sorry it’s so crass, but totally necessary) “Wiping Your Own @$$”.

I kid you not. These “kids” need to grow up. I can’t fill out their paperwork for them or register their classes. They need to be able to function without someone holding their hand. And I know what you are thinking, “Brittni, isn’t this just another way to do their work for them?” And my answer is this, “Maybe so, however, after I hold their hand here, we are done. No more Miss Nice Girl. They can learn to read directions and look up information on that little invention called the internet. And they can stop bugging me with stupid questions.”

I really do want the best for these kids and if this is what it takes to get through to them and make them realize their mommies and daddies can’t do this stuff for them anymore…so be it.

And thanks,  Jennifer for my new favorite addition to my decor!

Let the collection begin!

On Neil Young and “Free Bird”…

Yes, Conan ended his show last night (and I am sure I am among many people writing about his last show) with a myriad of guests, including Steve Carell, Tom Hanks, Neil Young, and Will Ferrell.

Although it was his last show for The Tonight Show, Conan will definitely be back in full force in some respect, somewhere, showing off his comedy prowess. He is one of the silliest people I have ever met and probably one of the most awkward, when it comes to asking questions about places he’s never been. Example: Alabama – He asked us about tornados. He had a charming anecdote about a tornado that hit Boston and tore down a tennis net. Compelling storm, that one.  His last speech on the show brought tears to his eyes and my own as I watched him display his loyalty to NBC after 20 years of work, even after such a dispute in the past month. During the whole show, he and his co-stars were silly, but never disrespectful to the network that made him who he is today. Kudos to you, Coco. And good luck to you and your crew.

Here is a link to his final show, enjoy.   http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.com/video/episodes/#vid=1196131

On band geeks…

For those of you who did not attend high school with me and did not see my Senior quote, it was “I’ve always been a band geek, I just never played an instrument”.

Looking back on that quote, I was never in the same category of personality as band geeks, I don’t really know what I was thinking, except for that I liked to watch American Pie 2 more than once. (The quote is from the movie.)

You would think that I would put a more poignant quote in a book that would forever freeze me in time as a high school student. But no, I quoted a seriously raunchy teen movie, and it made me look like an idiot. Especially since I misquoted it. To be honest though, the way I say it is a whole lot better. Jim says, “I’ve always been a band geek, I just never joined the band.” Now that is just lame.

The reason I bring this up… I went to Lai Lai with one of my roommates and as we were walking in the door, I noticed a group of high school seniors/college freshers (youngsters) sitting in their black dress shirts and pants eating and immediately said to myself, “band geeks.” I know, I know. I’m a total jerk. BUT I was totally right in my initial assessment. So ha.

Anywho, not that I am not a total geek in a different respect I just wanted to mention the band geeks today. Maybe I will talk about computer geeks tomorrow who will fix my computer for free. 🙂 Especially because I need a DVD Decoder so I can watch episodes of Veronica Mars. Yeah, it’s a good show that was cancelled in its prime. You should netflix it.